The South African Jews of San Diego
A Documentary by Isaac Artenstein, Cinewest Productions.


  • Unique 1 Hour Documentary made by renown producer, Isaac Artenstein
  • Our 100+yr Migration History – Eastern Europe – South Africa – Southern California professionally, recorded
  •  Story Told In Our Own Words
  •  40+ Archived Interviews
  •  Original Soundtrack
  •  Tax Deductible Donation
  •  Donators Prominently Acknowledged


We have a unique opportunity to record our South African emigration story in a documentary to be made by the renowned writer, director and producer, Isaac Artenstein, whose independent feature films and documentaries have been shown at Jewish film festivals throughout the U.S. and in Mexico City, and have also aired on PBS.

Mr. Artenstein is excited to be working on the documentary to be called “Across Many Oceans”. He tells our story, starting with our ancestors who went from Eastern Europe to Southern Africa and then how we once again picked up and came to the United States – many to Southern California.

“Across Many Oceans”, tells the stories of South African Jews, in their own words, describing through deeply personal accounts, how they came to be where they are now. While the story is a universal one that reflects our shared experiences, the documentary features many in the San Diego community, where the South African Jews have been making a significant contribution since the first group arrived here in the early 1970s.

An original musical soundtrack will enhance the stories and images and take audiences on an engaging cinematic journey that both educates and entertains.
Mr. Artenstein’s documentary is a 1-hour exploration of our roots, and will air on PBS and be screened at Jewish Film Festivals throughout the U.S. and internationally. This will be a remarkable historical account, with many in-depth interviews, that provides a treasured and inspiring legacy for present and future generations of South African Jews, wherever they may live.
We at SAJAC have committed to supporting and facilitating this documentary by telling all our members and asking them to tell all their friends that every one of us has a chance to participate in this great opportunity.

Individual and business donors will be prominently acknowledged in the documentary’s credits and promotional materials

Tax-deductible donations can be made to the fiscal sponsor of this project, Media Arts Center San Diego a 501 (c) 3.


For more information, please contact Isaac Artenstein at (323) 445 5085 or