Lee Gordon Resume


Johannesburg, Gauteng 2192

I am a pragmatic and goal-driven individual and I welcome challenges as an opportunity to learn dynamically. I am privileged to have received a tertiary education in Business Studies & IT Management which has enabled me to think critically and find solutions that not only fix problems, but also focus on sustainability. I am goal- driven, hard working and I value integrity as integral to all I do. I am a third-generation car fanatic & I am a problem solver and enjoy analyzing any situation and finding the best possible solution. I have also become proficient with hardware and physically have built Computers and Networks. I can diagnose and troubleshoot most issues. My degree has assisted me in learning and doing Object oriented programming and SQL which are skills I have incorporated into my personal business. 

Willing to relocate to: United States of America 

Work Experience 

Custom Car Care Johannesburg, Gauteng
August 2013 to Present 

In 2014 I realized a lifelong dream by opening my own business . The business offers a variety of services such as vehicle repairs, servicing, diagnostics, engine rebuilds, body work, project car builds, etc. The client base encompasses private individuals, companies, schools & contracting on behalf of other providers. As owner I manage client interactions, quote, assign workload, complete mechanical work and manage my team of workers and service providers as needed. My skills from my degree have been applied into all aspects of business management and client interactions which has led me to become successful in the field. 

Systems Implementer
Sybrin Systems Johannesburg, Gauteng
January 2013 to August 2013 

I started out working on a big project for major bank in South Africa ,initially I was shown the ropes in how to manage a virtual server. We used a live and test system which was based in India .I was responsible for management of FICA system at a Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC). Eventually i was needed to be on the clients site alone . I formed part of the team that ensured that this bank based system was functional to ensure the running of the client’s daily operations & to continually maintain this system . I was also tasked with communicating the issues on the test system with the programmers and on some issues i would be able to resolve them myself . I was part of the link between the Business itself and the IT part of the system. I gained valuable experience in client liaison and database administration. 


Bachelor’s in Information Technology Management
University of Johannesburg – Johannesburg, Gauteng
January 2012 to December 2015 

High School (matric)
King David Linksfield – Johannesburg, Gauteng
January 2004 to December 2008 

Yeshiva College – Johannesburg, Gauteng
January 1998 to December 2003 



Vehicle Mechanics (5 years), Automotive Servicing (5 years), Vehicle Diagnostics (5 years), Automotive Restoration (8 years), Electrical Diagnostics & Repairs (5 years), Bodywork (5 years), Vehicle Purchasing (5 years), Business Management (5 years), IT Management (1 year), Budget Projection (5 years), Project Management (5 years), Business Analysis (1 year), Vehicle Suspension (5 years), Excel (3 years), SQL (3 years), MS Office (8 years), SQL (3 years), Visual Basic (2 years), Java (3 years) 

Additional Information 

I have been involved in a community program in training educators on how to use a computer systems where they would teach these skills to learners. I have also completed computer competency courses on the Microsoft service Suite. I am Familiar with the SDLC and ITIL Frameworks . I have enjoyed building networks and now possess detailed hardware and software knowledge as well.