LotZof Heart – Susie’s One Woman Show – Sat. Aug 31st @ 6.30

Susie Lotzof One Woman Show

Susie Lotzof

Come have an experience on Saturday, August 31st 2019 at the Encinitas Library. LotZof HeART a one woman show by Susie Lotzof is all about heart and spirit.

There will be original art and photography as well as hand crafted love rock jewelry and amulets for sale and a performance by Susie Lotzof of humorous story telling weaved through 10 original songs.

Susie is inspired by her South African roots and the wondrous beauty of our planet. Susie loves discovering what connects us and using her imagination to capture visual memories of unique moments in time, allowing time to stand still and evoke feelings of being present.
Whether Susie is singing or painting she wishes to transport you and delight your senses. Her new CD called LotZof HeART can be found on CDBaby.

Susie is passionate about spreading love and her natural Love Rock creations are a wonderful way of showing it and natures way of saying “I Love You”.
Susie’s creative passions spread love and light through the medium of art,design and music.