The Artist’s Touch was created by Jenifer Broomberg. She is a permanent make-up & medical micro-pigmentation artist as well as a professional painter & sculptor who has exhibited and sold her art for the past 30 years. The Artist’s Touch offers both cosmetic Permanent Makeup and Medical Micro-pigmentation procedures:
– Permanent lip liner or full lip color. – Permanent eyeliner – natural or more elaborate design to the client’s preference – Medical MicroPigmentation & – Rejuvapen Micro Needling Jenifer successfully applies medical Micro-Pigmentation for a variety of conditions. It may be used for scar camouflage, vitiligo pigmentation, areola repigmentation for mastectomy patients that create a realistic nipple and areola, scalp pigmentation for hair loss and balding that matches the client’s natural hair color and results in a “shaved head” look. She also excels in cleft lip “reconstruction”, recreating natural lip color and symmetry. Her use of Rejuvapen Micro Needling stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in specific areas. It minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, surgical scarring, burns and stretch marks. It even firms and tightens the skin. Jenifer is also certified in Tattoo Removal using new, innovative method Take advantage of a special HOLIDAY DISCOUNT. Get 33% off all new procedures. Text (858) 945-7297 ASAP PRICE LIST PERMANENT MAKEUP Includes 2 visits (one initial and two touch up visits) LIPS Lip liner $200 Lip fill (Full lip color) $300 EYES Eyelash enhancement (Lash Line) Upper Lids $200 Eyeliner Standard* – Upper lids. $200 Eyeliner Custom – Upper lids. $280 Eyeliner Standard* – Lower lids. $180 Eyeliner Standard* – Upper and lower lid. $300 Eyeliner Custom – Upper and Lower Lid. $350 *Standard is a thin line in and above (upper) or below (lower) lash line EYEBROWS Powder or full fill. $300 3D Hairstrokes. $400 Powder Fill & Hair Strokes. (2 visits). $450 BEAUTY MARKS $95.00 MEDICAL MICRO PIGMENTATION Scar Camouflage – According to Size $100-$350 Breast Areola and 3D Nipple reconstruction $300 each Breast Scalp Pigmentation Hair Follicle Simulation $200/area Full head (6 areas) Vitiligo Treatment – assessment required Corrective Procedure – Assessment Required Tattoo Removal – Assessment Required COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY $200 per session (1 or 2 sessions per month for 5 months) Wrinkles Scars Skin Surface Improvement Large Pores Stretch Marks Hyper pigmentation Dark “Age” Spots or Patches MORE DISCOUNTS: $50 off for any 2 procedures scheduled for the same day $100 off for “full face” (brows, eyeliner and lips) scheduled for the same day $50 off for referrals – credit towards future appointments. Text 858-945-7297 to schedule an appointment Find The Artist’s Touch on Yelp, Google, Facebook and Instagram